About Me

I work as a Quant at Goldman Sachs. I graduated from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur, India in 2011.

I am part of the Derivatives Analysis team in the Finance Division, at Goldman Sachs. Previously, I worked at Amazon as a Software Development Engineer, as part of the Behavior Based Email Targetting team. Prior to that, I worked with BankBazaar.com, and was responsible for development of couple of new whitelabel and channel websites for some of the top banks in India. I did my internship at Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada. I had good time there. I built an information systems software for the seaport at Grenada. As a part of the project installation and training, I went to Grenada, West Indies for a week. We are live since 2010, after a lot of failures. Well, now I can proudly say, out of 200 odd countries, one country, however small it be, uses a software developed by me, for most of their port activities.

I also have a passion of photography (every season adds a new passion). You can have a look at some of my clicks in the gallery section. I took a few cool videos during my summer internship, 2010. Here is my YouTube channel where you can find a few of them.

I own a technical blog with some philosophical stuffs and some random stuffs too, here. I am very passionate about the things I do. For me, every season adds a new passion, as for now its videography. Computers shall always be a passion for me. Right from my childhood, I have been attracted by the possiblities of a computer. Its very exciting to make computer do your clerical job, and maintain records.